EMENTO is one place for all Your work (communication, collaboration, teamwork, self-organization, ...). All Your work is done with EMENTO Applications. All Your work happens in different types of EMENTO workspaces - GROUPS and PROJECT (public workspaces are visible to everyone, private workspaces have limited visibility, secret are hidden).


Choose Your favorite Apps from EMENTO AppMarket or create Your own App with EMENTO AppBuilder!


APPMARKET - Catalog of all Emento applications, many pre-built applications (free and additional), continuous upgrade with new applications. APPBUILDER - If You are missing some App, there is AppBuilder so You can easy create Your own App, put it into AppMarket and share with team! It is very easy tool for end user!



• Messages (private and groups)
• Statuses, Questions, Ideas
• Comments and Likes
• Approvals, Requests
• Live Smart Notifications
• Events Management
• Documents Management
• Tasks Management
• Projects Management
• Activities
• Overview - "Who is working on what"
• GROUPS - public/private/secret Workspaces
• PROJECTS - public/private/secret Workspaces
• User Profiles
• Employee Directory • Email marketing (Newsletters)
• Landing pages
• Conversions
• Google Geolocation
• Business Partners
• and other Apps...



• Manny Apps in AppMarket, constantly growing
• Creating custom Apps with easy tool AppBuiler - Instant, in no-time!
• Free maintence and upgrades