EMENTO is Enterprise Social Network - one place for all Your communication (private and group messages, status updates, questions, ideas, comments, likes, live smart notifications, ...).

All communication is done with EMENTO Applications. All communication happens in different types of EMENTO workspaces - GROUPS and PROJECTS (public workspaces are visible to everyone, private workspaces have limited visibility, secret are hidden).

All activities in EMENTO are visible on the Stream. This means that You do not have to search data or information in EMENTO - they all come to you in real-time and keeps You informed and up-to-date.



• Private and Group Messages
• Statuses, Questions, Ideas
• Comments and Likes
• Live Smart Notifications
• GROUPS - public/private/secret Workspaces
• PROJECTS - public/private/secret Workspaces



• Better and faster communication
• You can communicate with colleagues from anywhere at any time (office in Your pocket)
• Saves time and money (less e-mails, phone calls, meetings and paperwork)
• Accumulation of knowledge (all information and knowledge are available)
• All participants are informed and up-to-date