Emento is used to utilize the power of connectivity and enhance the collaboration and exchange of the employees knowledge.

Companies that have implemented Enterprise Social Platform Emento realized that when properly set up, the network can change the way employees work, and do their work more efficient.

From the past experience of Emento users, we can highlight six ways to improve organization and operations using Enterprise Social Platform.

1. Improving collaboration

With Emento employees can better connect and collaborate, be it on different functions or remote locations. Documents and files are easier to share and comment on, and the need for sending an e-mail falls into the background. Also, projects and questions of employees are visible organization-wide or only to certain teams.

2. Improving the organization speed and agility

Emento allows employees to be more productive and react faster to emerging problems or opportunities. Emento can be accessed from any device with internet access, so you can share information important to your business. On the other hand, employees can alert others about problems or issues they face, and ask for help or suggestions in a very fast and efficient way.

3. Facilitating innovation

Emento simplifies the process of idea sharing across the organization. When an employee has an idea or needs help, the network is the perfect tool for the exchange of ideas or finding people who are willing to help.

4. Identification of the "in-house" experts

In Emento employees can quickly identify colleagues who are experts in a particular area, contact them and ask for help if they need it.

5. Organizational structure and increased transparency

Emento reduces communication bottlenecks and helps to create connectivity at all organizational levels and functions. Employee communication is no longer limited, while ideas can be shared with others and make visible throughout the enterprise.